Business High School with International Baccalaureate

Wirtschaftsgymnasium mit International Baccalaureate


There’s one thing you are sure of: you want to attend a high school. But not just any one. First, you want the chance to study at a university or college abroad later on. And second, you know how important English and business skills are in today’s working world. Juventus focuses on precisely these two points: during the second and third year at high school you can sit the bilingual (German and English) and prestigious «International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma». What’s more, we continue to prepare you in the best possible way for the Swiss Matura (high school leaving) examination.

Target group

This tuition ends in the IB-Diploma and the Swiss Matura. We offer this integrated, two-year programme in high school semesters 3 to 6.

Four diploma examinations subjects are taught in English. This immersion into a foreign-language world is by far the best way to learn the language. The tuition should be seen as an extension in preparation for the Matura and thus as an additional challenge. It is thus only suitable for performance-driven pupils.

Study plan

On the one hand, we prepare you thoroughly for the Swiss Matura examination over these two years. This includes ten basic subjects in accordance with the Matura examination regulations (MAR), one specialist subject (in this case the business profile) and a complementary subject as well as the final Matura project.

On the other hand, the IB is considered an international enhancement: the IB-Diploma, which is based on a broad curriculum, has been awarded since 1968 and is now offered in around 3,000 schools in 139 countries.


The integrated, four-semester schooling up to the IB is suitable for young people with a basic high school education (at least one year at a Juventus business high school or one to two years at a different school). It is also intended for people with good German, French and English skills – we recommend that pupils spend some time in an English-speaking country beforehand.

We expect them to be willing to not only come to terms with cultural differences as well as different ways of working and to reflect on various forms of knowledge; they should also be able to work on their own and have a high social competence.


The curriculum has been drawn up to prepare you in the best possible way for the Matura and the «International Baccalaureate Programme»:

Subjects in the 1st part of the examination: natural sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, arts and social sciences, geography, history, art and design. The 1st part of the Swiss Matura examination is held every year in February/March at the end of the 7th semester.

Subjects in the 2nd part of the examination: German, English, French, mathematics, economics, business administration and law (VBR) as well as finance and accounting (FRW).

The 2nd part of the Matura examination is held in August/September after the 8th semester.

Computer science: fundamentals of IT.

Creativity, Action, Services (CAS): in addition to simple lessons, pupils are obliged to get involved in creative, sports or charitable activities (music, dance, organisation and presentation of events, aid programmes). These are aimed at their personal development.

Theory of Knowledge (ToK): the pupils use the theory of knowledge to critically question school and extra-curricular topics, thus learning to develop an individual way of thinking.

Extended essay: the pupils prepare a written paper, thus encouraging them to carry out their own research. At the same time they learn how to write a paper, preparing them for their studies at a university.

We place great store in learning ateliers, study groups and complementary subjects for even better tutoring.

Teaching hours/start

The tuition lasts two years or four semesters. The semesters begin in the middle of August (autumn semester, start of tuition) and the middle of February (spring semester).

Teaching in the day school takes place from

  • Monday to Friday between 8 and 11.25 hours and from 12.20 to 15.45 hours (in exceptional cases up to 17.30 hours)

in the classrooms of the Juventus Business School near the main station in Zurich.

There is no teaching on Saturdays.

Start: 22.August 2016


You can pay for tuition either each month or for the semester.
monthly rate semester additional costs
school fee 36x 1’630.- 6x 9400.-
teaching materials 3’960.-
external examination fees 1’000.-
Alle our prices are in CHF.


The two-year tuition at the Juventus Business School will prepare you for the Matura examination. If you pass this, you will also receive the worldwide accredited «International Baccalaureate Diploma» that entitles you to study at all universities and Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. The Juventus Business School also offers a high school tuition without IB.